BREAKING NEWS: Environment Canada Releases Geoengineering Programs to C.A.N.

by Frank Gotz
Canadian Awareness Network

October 27, 2013

I sent an e-mail to Environment Canada (EC) on Aug 2nd 2013 asking for a list of companies that are participating in geoengineering in Canada pursuant to the Weather Modifications Information Act.  The WMI Act is a piece of legislation which lists the rules, restrictions and punishments for modifying the weather in Canada without government permission.

I received reply back one month later from an EC representative, by the name of Isabelle Landry , who informed me that they need my home address because the amount of information they wanted to give me was too big for an e-mail and they would send me a disc.  Approximately one week later I received a package in the mail from EC a long with a letter which wrote:

“Dear Mr. Gotz

Thank you for your email message of August 2nd, 2013, requesting a list of companies participating in geoengineering activities, specifically weather modification, in Canada…

Starting in 1948, the federal government was involved in weather modification experiments.  Most of these activities took place in the 1960s and 1970s….  The research programs declined in the second half of the 1970s and ended in the early 1980s.

Currently, there is one hail suppression program operating in Alberta.  The activities are conducted by Weather Modifications Inc.  In an attempt to reduce damage caused by hail, the company seeds some developing thunderstorms in the Calgary-Red Deer area between May and September of each year since 1996.  It uses silver iodide as a seeding agent.  Weather Modifications Inc has been the only company undertaking weather modification activities in Canada during the past 15 years.

With respect to the use of silver iodide by Weather Modification Inc, the emissions produced by this compound are considered to have negligible environmental or health impacts.  Material safety data sheets for silver iodide are readily available online.  Measurements of silver iodide concentrations in regions where silver iodide-based weather modification activities have occurred have not found concentrations that were above the natural background concentrations.  For long-term, larger scale weather modification operations, EC endorses the position of the World Meteorological Organization that the implications on ecosystems need to be assessed.   For more details please consult www.wmo.int/pages/prog/arep/wwrp/new/documents/WM_statement_guidelines_approved.pdf

The Assistant Deputy Minister of Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service of Canada is the administrator of the Weather Modifications Information Act.  Under the Act, any weather modifications undertaken over Canada need to be formally reported to the Department.  Weather Modifications Inc provides the necessary reports to Environment Canada on a yearly basis.  Regarding your request for information on who has sprayed what, and where, I am attaching the records from 1996 to 2011 for your interest.

Please accept my best wishes.


The Honourable Leona Agulukkaq, P.C, M.P
Minister of the Environment”

2 pictures below of the physical letter (click to enlarge):



The Assistant Deputy Minister of the Meteorological Service of Canada is David Grime.  David is the administrator of the Weather Modifications Information Act and according to the letter I received it indicates that David literally over sees and knows all weather modification programs that are happening in Canada.  David is also President of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization and President of World Meteorological Organization -WMO/OMM.  This guy is big.

The letter also made mention that geoengineering programs in Canada started in 1948 and most of the activities took place in the 60s and 70s and died out by 80s but it did not give any details as to what type of geoengineering activities occurred. So I am replying to the letter requesting more details as to what type of geoengineering experiments were conducted in those times, so please stayed tuned and visit this site in the future to see there is a reply from EC to my letter.

So the information about who oversees the geoengineering projects in Canada and the release of the dates of when it started is a news breaker for me and I was quiet satisfied with receiving it.  As to the information about cloud seeding and hail mitigation is information that is absolutely not new to me and I’ve written articles about Weather Modifications Inc and cloud seeding in the past.  Click HERE for a past article written in the summer.  Also by just going to Weather Modifications Inc website by clicking HERE it goes into details of all the geoengineering projects that are in operation.

Below are reports made by Weather Modifications Inc to EC pursuant to the WMI Act that I received from EC.  I have not gone through it all but I figure I get this information out:


If you notice above, in the last paragraph of reports there are 3 weeks missing.  Week 13-15 were not on the disc.  I wonder if there was something in those reports EC didn’t want to share with me on purpose or if it is because there were no operations happening those weeks?  I will also be asking them for more information about the missing weeks in my reply letter.



New questions arise after reading the letter that I received from Leona Agulukkaq, the Minister of Environment.

  1. What type of geoengineering experiments/programs were being conducted from 1940s – 1980s?
  2. Where are the reports for week 13-15 in 2011?
  3. And what about the year 2012?

They gave me no information about the persistent chemtrails that we see in our skies and I was surprised (but not that surprised) that they never supplied me with the declassified EC documents outlining geoengineering projects. I find it funny that there were mainstream reports of Canada doing geoengineering experiments in the ocean by adding iron to create more plankton growth, which they say ‘binds’ carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and yet in the letter Leona told me there hasn’t been any other geoengineering projects happening in Canada.  Click HERE for an article from CTV News.

In the summer of 2012, EC declassified documents that outlined proposed geoengineering projects which outlined carbon-dioxide removal (CDR) via dumping iron into ocean  and solar-radiation management (SRM) by reflecting solar radiation back into the atmosphere via sulfur injections along with other things.  Click HERE for that declassified document that was just mentioned.

Also in the same summer EC declassified another document that outlined geoengineering projects titled “Geoengineering: Science and Governance”.  Click HERE to view document.  If you go to page 10 it mentions the plankton growth and if you scroll to page 13 it makes mention of dispersing sulfur into the atmosphere via airplanes, rockets or balloons to reflect solar radiation.  Could some chemtrails we see in the sky contain sulfur?

So it looks like I will be sending a reply to EC outlining everything mentioned in Conclusion section so stay tuned for future reports.


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