U.S. Public Schools Now Legally Torturing and Sometimes Even Killing Students — video included


By Shepard Ambellas | October 27, 2013 | 2:52pm EST | Special Report

From “Skin-Shock Therapy” to exclusion rooms, public school systems across the United States are engaging our youth with in torturous and aggressive discipline measures, in some cases ending in the death of a student.

1912 illustration of an inmate in an American prison receiving "the paddle", a form of torture used for punishment. This was illegal at the time. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

1912 illustration of an inmate in an American prison receiving “the paddle”, a form of torture used for punishment. This was illegal at the time. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

(INTELLIHUB) — In an extremely shocking and sickening report, thankfully brought to us by Brian Ross of Nightline on ABC News, we can clearly see a pattern and push toward a police state trend in America that’s not slowing down anytime soon. Public and private schools around the country are now in the business of torturing students and in some cases like Corey Foster’s mentioned in the report, even killing them in the process all in the name of discipline and safety.[1]

Foster, now dead from cardiac arrest during a failed restraint session after being told to “stop playing basketball”, is just one of many examples of students that have been killed in school discipline procedures.

Although these restraint and torture methods are barbaric, especially for children, surprisingly the methods are not illegal in most states. In fact, only “17 states” have laws limiting such action within the school system.

Experts are split on the use of these techniques, while some say they are good for the children and can even protect them in some cases, others simply are not having it, claiming that children exposed to such techniques become even more violent displaying even more behavioral problems down the line. Although a general consensus amongst the public concludes these methods are not warranted, the government backed indoctrination programs will continue for now.

As a side note, I myself attended the 7th grade in a Pensacola public school in the “sunshine state” of good old Florida, in the “Bible Belt” mind you, and had one encounter myself that I will never forget.

On one hot summer morning during P.E. class I was attacked by a fellow student in the locker room as he came at me full force in a boxing style stance unloading a melee of punches. Out of instinct, I rapidly reacted and defended myself as would anyone in this situation delivering a one kick K.O. to my attacker. After the fight I was taken to the office and I quickly realized it didn’t matter to the school staff that I did not start the fight, I was going to be punished anyways.

To my surprise the school planned to inflict physical pain on me. My discipline was 1-week suspension and what the school refereed to as “ten licks”, meaning I was going to get paddled, and paddled good.

Once I arrived at the school’s Dean’s Office, the staff had me bend over. They made me put my hands on the desk as the Dean proceeded to pull out a 2 foot long wooden paddle about 1–1/2 inches thick waving it around to intimidate me. I was terrified.

The paddle was filled with holes drilled all throughout the paddle’s face so the Dean can gain more speed with each swing, limiting the air resistance before slamming into the victims buttocks. And yes, I was the next victim. Let’s just say the “ten licks” I received that day severely bruised and hurt me beyond any ass beating I have ever received prior to or after for that matter.

Once I arrived at home later that day, my Mom was in shock. She saw the marks on me from the torture the school inflicted and was infuriated. She immediately went down to the school and demanded that someone be held accountable. However, she found out to her surprise, no one cared. In fact, the school staff told her that the torture was “legal” and “approved.

What is wrong with our public school systems? Why should teachers and school staff be able to push the limits of discipline and use these torturous tactics?


[1] Death at School: Parents Protest Dangerous Discipline – YouTube.com

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