VIDEO — Alex Jones Says All Muslims Should Be Deported – Morris

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Jul 18, 2015

Alex Jones Calls For Deportation Of Muslims

[Potent News editor’s note: With respect to the RT article titled, Anti-Islamic & anti-racism protesters clash in Melbourne, get pepper sprayed by police, those clashes could likely be an indication of forced multiculturalism.  That’s the tricky part about even beginning to speak about this subject.  Sure, Australia might have a lot of Arabic immigrants coming in – though the true extent might be exaggerated – but this influx is by design.

As Maurice Herman has noted countless times, the western agenda is to bomb countries and then have refugees move to the countries that bombed them.  Global homogenization and destruction of history and tradition is the ultimate agenda and this agenda is slowly progressing successfully.  Italy is seeing the same problem that Australia is seeing, and so is the US.

Australia being really friendly with NATO does not help matters, since NATO and its proxy forces are largely responsible for fomenting the chaos in the Middle-East.

According to wikipedia, “Australia and New Zealand, both contact countries, are also members of the AUSCANNZUKUS strategic alliance, and similar regional or bilateral agreements between contact countries and NATO members also aid cooperation.  In June 2013, Colombia and NATO signed an Agreement on the Security of Information to explore future cooperation and consultation in areas of common interest; Colombia became the first and only Latin American country to cooperate with NATO.”]

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