Infowars’ Paul Watson Goes Full Sean Hannity on Islam

Non-Aligned Media
by Brandon Martinez
Jun 26, 2015

Paul Joseph Watson, a commentator for the sell-out ‘alternative’ media network Infowars, has gone full Sean Hannity in a new video released today (posted above).

In his customary dead-eyes-yelling-at-the-camera speaking style, Watson declares Islam a “violent ideology” that requires a “reformation” to do away with its alleged inherent flaws. He cites the discredited fraud and neocon operative Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a prime choice to lead this new “reformation.”

The impetus for Watson’s latest unreserved assault on the religion of 1.5 billion people was a string of alleged ISIS attacks that occurred today in France, Tunisia and Kuwait. Watson, who at a more honest point in his career routinely questioned the official narratives surrounding terrorism spectacles, has evidently lost any rational thinking ability in the face of sensational headlines. Whether or not these latest outrages are organic or yet more Gladio-style covert operations is yet to be determined, but Watson’s narrative gets convoluted when at the end of the video he acknowledges that Western powers have been backing ISIS from the outset of that group’s rise to prominence. Yet he still somehow manages to place all of the blame for its violent extremism on Islam as a whole, which would include all of the faith’s dozens of offshoots and differing schools of thought. The main country Watson indicts with respect to sponsoring terrorism is Saudi Arabia, a mere appendage of the US empire in the Persian Gulf. He apparently has no knowledge of CIA sponsorship of violent militant groups the world over, from Suharto’s death squads in Indonesia, to Khmer Rogue in Cambodia, to the Contras in Nicaragua, and of course ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Watson made no mention of the dozens of Muslims killed monthly by US drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere, nor did he make any attempt to elucidate how the US and Britain have precipitated the deaths of several million Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. Following the false-flag attacks of 9/11, the West has inflicted unimaginable devastation and ruin upon multiple Muslim countries, leaving them in a state of abject failure. US and UK forces have utilized chemical, biological and nuclear (depleted uranium) weapons in their wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, rendering entire cities and villages virtually uninhabitable. Western forces have created millions of refugees and orphans in the Middle East, and have permanently ruined the genes of future generations of Iraqis and Afghans who have been exposed to radioactive depleted uranium which causes horrific cancers and birth defects. Such weapons have caused untold damage to water and food supplies in those countries, which lead to yet more deaths and misfortune.

Commenter Daniel Shah noted on the video:

There are other terrorists that the media does not care about and you and your buddies are not aware of. For example, the christian terrorists in Nigeria whoare responsible for bombing muslim areas. Or the Lord;s resistance army in Uganda and Central Africa which brianwashed children to accept a violent form of christianity. What about the catholics in thailand who have sparked violence. There are also millions of hindu terrorists in India who have done everthing from executions to bombing. Hindu terroirsts just this year forced 1000s of muslims, sikhs and even christians to convert to hinduism violently. In Sri Lanka, buddhist terroorists have been responsible for killing many including minorities. In Burma, Buddhist terrorists have slaughtered and displaced the whole muslim population. Maoist terror in India, TIbet and Nepal has also been prevalent. Does the media report about this? No. Does that twat Paul Joseph Watson say that Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism needs reforming? You even know that it is because of American invasion that radicalization occured in the first place. There would be no islamic radicals without the CIA and Mossad and you know that. Yet still, you say islam needs reformation. No you are the one who needs reformation in your thinking AND researching.

Israel’s violent rabbinical extremists who use Jewish scripture to validate the murder of Palestinian children have received no coverage from the ‘truth tellers’ at Infowars. While the ‘alternative’ network is comfortable launching neocon-style attacks on Islam, the burgeoning Sean Hannity clones refrain whatever from criticizing Judaism, and only ever issue infrequent, feeble rebukes of Israeli militarism. Of course, it doesn’t pay to critique the real powers-that-be, hence the complete failure of the fame-hunting, dollar-worshipping opportunists at Infowars to properly analyze Zionism and its corrosive impact on the world.

Infowars’ noticeable foray into Muslim-bashing appears to be part of a broader marketing strategy to tap into the kosher conservative market dominated by the reprehensible Fox News. The mercenary opportunist and show-man Alex Jones hopes to expand his network’s influence, actively courting moronic Republican party voters, unhinged gun fanatics and Muslim-hating Fox News dolts who probably voted for George W. Bush twice.

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