Robbie Martin Stands By Zionist-Shielding Disinfo


via Non-Aligned Media
by Brandon Martinez
Aug 17, 2015

After viewing my exposé of his erroneous assertion that the neocons are not really Zionists, the alternative media gatekeeper Robbie Martin has hardened his stance, calling my rebuttal ‘reverse Hasbara’ without addressing a single point raised.

Likely at the behest of his sister Abby, he also took a shot at “Holocaust deniers.”

He initially challenged me to a debate on the neocon subject, which I accepted, but he then quickly backed out.

Like most left-wing gatekeepers, Martin’s impetus appears to be to try to set up narrow parameters for what constitutes “legitimate criticism of Israel”, and then once these barriers have been established, dismissing anything that goes beyond his watered down analysis as off-limits, heretical and “discrediting”.

Their hypocritical use of the pejorative “Holocaust denial” is a testament to the dishonesty of the Martin siblings. While they label anyone who asks legitimate questions about the victors’ interpretation of the Second World War and the Holocaust narrative “deniers,” they concurrently decry the mainstream media’s use of the term “conspiracy theorist” to discredit dissenters and skeptics of government narratives.

They could easily be labeled “9/11 deniers” by mainstream shills for refusing to adhere to the official mythology surrounding that event, but they would again complain about the mainstream’s wielding of such dishonest language. But they’re allowed to do it against people they disagree with.

The Martins are all about appealing to the quasi-alternative left-wing gatekeeper media spearheaded by Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Max Blumenthal and other Jewish exceptionalists masquerading as dissidents.

On her Russia Today show, Abby would usually bring on anti-Zionist Jews to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Max Blumental, Miko Peled, Noam Chomsky, etc.), thereby ensuring that Jews are able to set the parameters of the discourse on an issue of special interest to Jews. While those Jews do some good work and seem respectable, allowing them to lead the charge in dissension against Israel is ultimately a clever game which entails only broadcasting kosher voices who will not cross a number of designated ‘red lines’ that jeopardize certain sacrosanct Zionist narratives. The Holocaust and Israeli involvement in 9/11 top the list of no-go topics. True-to-form, Abby and her brother frantically suppress any discussion of those issues.

The Martins and others on the gate-kept Left exist to enforce those Zionist-designated red lines and villainize anyone brave enough to tackle the ultimate taboos.

On certain issues of the day such as corporate corruption, US military adventurism, the environment, the police state, and even Israel’s crimes against Palestinians, the Martins are clearly superior to the reprobate mainstream media. But on issues relating to Zionism,  Jewish power, the Second World War, etc., they are not trustworthy, and indeed have proven deceptive on those critical subjects.

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