Alternative media needs to stop Putin worship Now

via Non-Aligned Media


by Alexander Benesch
Oct 5, 2015

Alternative media needs to stop the Putin worship now, before this leads to more bad strategic and political choices. 

The love relationship with the Russian empire has successfully replaced 9/11 truth as the core belief system of the alternative media. Something I would have never expected a few years ago from a movement that was built on the work of Antony Sutton and other similiar experts.

And when I say Putin worship, there is obviously a variety of pro Putin opinions. You have the total believers of the personality cult and of the lies which the Russian intelligence agencies constantly pump out about foreign and domestic policy.

Then you have those with a generally favorable opinion of Russia as a fresh, stable, rational and defensive empire. Then you have the pragmatists who think Russia is at least significantly better than the US empire and finally you have those who believe Russia is a tolerable dictatorship which you have to work with for a lack of better alternatives.

All of these different pro Putin opinions are flat out wrong. Get out of this dialectic game of team Putin vs. team Obama before it’s too late.



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