VIDEO — Pendulum Dowsing Demonstration With Avocados

via Potent News
by Amir Alwani
Jul 26, 2019

In this video I illustrate the effectiveness of pendulum dowsing by showing the readings acquired from various avocados.  As you would expect, the avocados which are not ready to eat do give off negative energy while the avocado that is ready to eat gives positive energy.

Vimeo version (downloadable for offline viewing)

For more information about Pendulum Dowsing, see this presentation by Dr. Gokhale.

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Interestingly, my affinity for the pendulum dowsing method of divination is corroborated by the Gematria method of divination.

Gematria is a branch of numerology encompassing various practices involving turning letters into numbers so that you can attain the sum of the numbers of a specific word’s letters. This allows you to detect alignment/patterns/synchronicities/”coincidences” because often we find that words which relate to each other produce the same numbers.
There are various methods of representing letters by converting them into numbers and those methods are called “ciphers” (often listed in brackets beside the number.):

“Amir Alwani” = 47 (Jewish Reduction)
“Dowsing” = 47 (Jewish Reduction)

“Amir Alwani” = 606 (English Sumerian)
“Pendulum” = 660 (Reverse English Sumerian)

The mathematical constant known as Pi also makes an appearance here.

Pi is approximately 22/7

“Pendulum Dowsing” = 227 (LCH Kabbalah) & 722 (Satanic)
“Pendulum Swinging” = 722 (Reverse Primes)

When looking at the numbers for “Pendulum Healing” we also find the interesting type of symmetry whereby the same number is produced even when you reverse the order of the letters in the cipher.

“Pendulum Healing” = 72 (Full Reduction) & 72 (Reverse Full Reduction)

“Pendulum Healing” = 649 (Jewish)
“Pendulums” = 649 (Jewish)



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