420-Friendly Marijuana Recipes

finished marijuana butterby Johnny Green
The Weed Blog
Apr 19, 2014

If The Weed Blog’s traffic is any indication, more marijuana brownies are eaten on and around April 20th than the rest of the days of the year combined. The spike we see to brownie articles is mind blowing. It makes sense though. Before I started growing marijuana and turning my trim into butter, the only time of the year that I would eat a marijuana edible was on 4/20. The rest of the year I would just smoke or vape in various ways. I think it’s that way for most of Americans who don’t live in a legal state.

Eventually I started growing marijuana, and so did my friends, and there was a lot of trim out there and people didn’t know what to do with it. Nowadays people turn it into BHO, but back in the early 2000′s when I started growing, people would bring it to me from miles around to turn it into butter. From there they could make it into anything they wanted to.

A lot of people have been emailing me this week and hitting me up on social media asking me for marijuana recipe ideas. I always like brownies and cookies, but I can’t eat those all day due to too much sugar. To be able to eat marijuana foods all day you have to mix up some savory items. Below is a list of recipes that I have been accumulating. There’s bound to be something for everyone.

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Death toll in S. Korean ferry disaster rises to 49 as divers find 13 more bodies


Published time: April 20, 2014 00:04
Edited time: April 20, 2014 02:48

Family members of missing passengers from the capsized passenger ship Sewol, which sank in the sea off Jindo, rest as they wait for news from the rescue team, at a gym in Jindo April 20, 2014. (Reuters / Kim Hong-Ji)

Divers have recovered 13 more bodies from the South Korean ferry that capsized on Wednesday, bringing the death toll to 49. A total of 253 people, most of them high school students, are still unaccounted for.

Rescue divers were finally able to get inside the ferry after numerous failed attempts, media quoted officials as saying. Strong currents and poor visibility made it difficult for the search and rescue operation to take place.

“At 11:48 p.m. (14:48 GMT) the joint rescue team broke a glass window and succeeded in getting inside the vessel,” the South Korean government said in a statement.

Search efforts recovered 16 more bodies overnight and authorities said that cranes would be used to lift the ship in order to locate the other bodies.

The South Korean government is facing a backlash from angry relatives of ferry victims. Up to 100 people clashed with police as they tried to march from the southwestern island of Jindo, the center of the rescue operations, to the mainland via a bridge towards the capital of Seoul.

Police blocked their way by forming two lines as protesters began to push and shove, Reuters reported.

A family member of a passenger missing after the South Korean ferry “Sewol” capsized is blocked by police during a protest in Jindo calling for a meeting with President Park Geun-hye and demanding the search and rescue operation be speeded up, April 20, 2014. (Reuters / Kim Kyung Hoon)

Earlier, relatives were gathered at a gymnasium in Jindo, where they have spent the past four days awaiting news.

The ferry capsized while on its way from Incheon, in the northwest, to the southern resort island of Jeju. It was carrying over 400 people. Rescuers have so far managed to save 179 passengers.

The disaster is now being referred to as South Korea’s deadliest vessel accident in 21 years.

The captain of the ferry, Lee Joon-seok, was arrested on Saturday and is facing a total of five charges, the most serious being negligence of duty and violation of maritime law.

A family member of missing passengers (C) who were on the South Korean ferry Sewol which sank in the sea off Jindo, cries as she found the name of her family in the list of fatalities at a port where family members of missing passengers gathered, in Jindo April 20, 2014. (Reuters / Issei Kato)

The captain explained that his delayed order to evacuate was due to the fact that there were no rescue ships nearby at the time and people could have been swept away by strong currents.

“At the time, the current was very strong, temperature of the ocean water was cold and I thought that if people left the ferry without proper judgment, if they were not wearing a life jacket, and even if they were, they would drift away and face many other difficulties,” he said.

Also, Lee Joon-seok appeared on South Korean television on Thursday to deliver a message to the families devastated by the disaster. “I am really sorry and deeply ashamed. I don’t know what to say,” he said.

Earlier, investigators revealed that the captain of the vessel was not at the helm at the time of the incident, and had left his third officer in command. Local authorities issued arrest warrants for Lee, the officer left in charge, and one other crew member, for not providing proper assistance to the passengers during the accident.

Two crew members were also detained, including the third officer who was in command of the ferry at the time of the incident.

The vice principal of Danwon High School – who was responsible for the care of hundreds of high school students on the ferry trip – committed suicide, police confirmed on Friday. Kang Min-gyu was found hanging from a tree on the island of Jindo, where the parents of students who are still missing are staying. Kang was rescued from the ferry before it sank and is believed to have taken his own life out of guilt.

Divers are continuing their search, with 256 people still unaccounted for. The cause of the accident still remains unknown, although investigators suspect that the vessel could have struck a rock or made a sharp turn, causing it to overturn.

South Korean rescue workers carry the body of a passenger onboard the capsized passenger ship Sewol, at a port where family members of missing passengers are gathered, in Jindo April 19, 2014. (Reuters / Issei Kato)

The South Korean government has been criticized for its handling of the incident. A spokesperson for the aggrieved families spoke out against the authorities in a television broadcast on Friday morning, accusing the government of lying to them.

“The government lied yesterday,” he said. “Is this the reality of South Korea? We plead once more, please save our children.”

The spokesperson alleged that the South Korean government has lied about the size of the rescue effort, claiming that it is actually much smaller.

Amateur footage of the moment when the ship began to capsize has been posted online. It shows how the passengers were told to stay put on the ship, even when it started to tilt. Some critics have argued that if an order to evacuate had been issued earlier, more people could have been saved.


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VIDEO — Singapore The Little Israel Of Asia – Sheikh Imran Hosein

Apr 17, 2014

Once Israel launches its own war, Singapore will have to face the Muslim people of South East Asia.

VIDEO/PODCAST — An Interview with Karen Hudes, J.D. – “The World Bank: Centralization and Corruption” – #197 – Gnostic Media

Gnostic Media
Apr 4, 2014

Today Karen Hudes, J.D., joins the Gnostic Media podcast to discuss “The World Bank: Centralization and Corruption”. This episode is being released on Friday, April 4, 2014, and was recorded April 1, 2014.

Karen Hudes has devoted three decades to exposing corruption in the world’s financial system. She worked in the World Bank’s Legal Department for 21 years, and was appointed to a Board taskforce on reform of the World Bank. She reported a cover-up of corruption up the corporate ladder to the World Bank’s Audit Committee, to the US Treasury Department, to the US Congress, and then to 188 member countries of the Bretton Woods institutions. Occupy Wall Street says “Hudes’ story is easily the most interesting, compared to major financial scandals, surveillance, etc. The American public, indeed the whole world, would unify with an understanding of a rigged world for a few.” The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are called the Bretton Woods institutions because that was the name of the ski resort in New Hampshire where 44 founding nations met in 1944 to establish these international organizations.


Other interviews:




Karen’s suggested reading:


And they waited for Maj. General Michael Carey to make sure that a nuclear bomb detonated in the ocean instead of on Charleston on October 8, 2013 before firing him for what happened the previous summer? http://beforeitsnews.com/banksters/2013/11/us-allies-do-some-stocktaking-and-we-will-help-patriots-2433698.html
Here is what another member of the US’ Armed forces says about what is really going on in the military:

Foreword: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/A+Grandfather%27s+Encouragement.pdf

Here is the rest of the book:

For Bitcoin donations for this episode, please send to:

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Smokers three times less likely to light up if they consume fruits and vegetables

by Raw Michelle
Natural News

Apr 19, 2014

(NaturalNews) “We may have identified a new tool that can help people quit smoking,” says Jeffrey P. Haibach, MPH, research author and graduate research assistant in the University at Buffalo Department of Community Health and Health Behavior.

Turns out, those “tools” are sitting right in the kitchens of people everywhere. They are none other than fresh fruits and vegetables. According to research conducted by the university, 1,000 people 25 years of age and older were surveyed about their smoking habits as it related to their fruit and vegetable intake.

There was a clear correlation between people who ate more of these foods and the fact that they smoked less. In fact, smokers who consumed the most fruit and vegetables were three times more likely to not smoke tobacco compared to individuals consuming the lowest amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Not only did smokers who ate more of these foods have fewer cigarettes on a daily basis, but there was also more of a delay in the amount of time they waited before having the first cigarette of the day.

Why fruits and vegetables may quell the urge to smoke

The experts behind the study suggest that the fiber in such foods creates a feeling of fullness that may cancel out a smoker’s desire to fill up on something.

Furthermore, its thought that fruits and vegetables do not enhance the flavor of tobacco, which makes smokers less inclined to light up when ingesting the likes of apples and carrots. Duke University psychologist Joseph McClernon discovered this notion, concluding that fruits, vegetables and dairy products make cigarettes taste bad while other foods like coffee and meat enhance their flavor.

Beyond staving off the urge to smoke, eating fruits and vegetables also helps heal a smoker’s damaged body. Since smoking robs the body of vitamins C and B levels, which means it’s getting sub-par lung, cancer and nervous system protection, it’s important to build the body’s immunity.

Specifically, foods like kiwis, oranges, bananas and leafy greens are essential to help restore health to a smoker’s body.

Sources for this article include:



About the author:
Raw Michelle is a natural health blogger and researcher, sharing her passions with others, using the Internet as her medium. She discusses topics in a straight forward way in hopes to help people from all walks of life achieve optimal health and well-being. She has authored and published hundreds of articles on topics such as the raw food diet and green living in general.

Click here to see more by Michelle

VIDEO — Quran Declares Holy Land Given To The Israelites – Sheikh Imran Hosein

Apr 17, 2014

If they are righteous and follow momotheism

Medical Marijuana by Drone Delivery?

by Christina Sarich
Natural Society
Apr 20, 2014

It’s raining marijuana – medical marijuana that is, if everything bodes well for new start up companies that plan to deliver your cancer-reversing drugs via drone. QuiQui in San Francisco has reportedly unveiled plans to start drone deliveries in the Mission District, and could lead to a new way to get medical marijuana in other states, soon.

Many people dread going to the pharmacy. Now, waiting in lines, exposing yourself to others who are sick, or just getting out and about when you aren’t feeling well to begin with may soon be a thing of the past. According to QuiQui’s website, you’ll get an eco-friendly delivery that costs less than $1.00 from a ‘modern drone that gives off zero emissions and uses quiet clean electric power.”

QuiQui says it won’t deliver medical marijuana for now, although the International Business Times stated they would, but there is speculation that Joshua Ziering, the company’s founder, might change his mind with the growing demand for medical marijuana.

“We are not delivering medical marijuana,” confirmed QuiQui founder Joshua Ziering, who hopes his fleet of drones will one day be able to drop off prescription drugs. “I think [the International Business Times] just made it up.”

After all, shipping pot straight from a dispensary to someone’s front door would be no different than the delivery of other packages. If anything, the product is light weight and in high demand – the perfect product for modern drone delivery.

Furthermore, companies like QuiQui could possibly be within their legal rights according to a recent ruling that the FAA did not have authority over small market, commercial drones, and ended six years of prohibition of drone deliveries.

The FAA appealed the judge’s decision, however, concerned that it “could impact the safe operation of the national airspace system and the safety of people and property on the ground.”

“Commercial operations are only authorized on a case-by-case basis,” the FAA’s Elizabeth Cory said in an email last month. “A commercial flight requires a certified aircraft, a licensed pilot, and operating approval. To date, only one operation has met these criteria.” That’s an operation that uses drones to conduct environmental surveys in the Arctic prior to drilling.

The FAA appeal will be heard before the original ruling will be put back into practice.

Should the FAA ban be permanently lifted? It could open the floodgates for an extensive rollout of various drone-based ventures. Amazon might be delivering your books and movies, but other start up companies could soon be delivering your cannabis oil, and medical marijuana.

PODCAST — The Corbett Report | Interview 843 – The Intelligence-Industrial Complex: James Corbett on ClandesTime

The Corbett Report
Mar 24, 2014

James Corbett joins Tom Secker of SpyCulture.com to talk about the privatization of intelligence and the development of the intelligence industrial complex. In this typically wide ranging conversation James began by breaking down the different layers in the existing discussion on this topic. We looked at the history of private intelligence, how 9/11 turned it into a massive industry, Edward Snowden, Anonymous, so called cyberterrorism and much more.


NBC – Intelligence contractors on the rise since 9/11

Private Intelligence Firms – short list

Operation AntiSec

ODNI document on US intelligence budget

The EyeOpener- CIA Front Companies

Radiohead – Where I End and You Begin

West not concerned about Bahraini, Saudi HR records: Analyst — video included

Apr 20, 2014


The West is more concerned about selling arms to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia than the two countries’ appalling human rights records, an analyst tells Press TV.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV on Saturday, Chris Bambery stated that when Western statesmen visit Saudi Arabia, they maintain silence about the country’s human rights records.

“They (Western statesmen) go to Saudi Arabia to sell their arms, to do contracts. They are not there concerned about Saudis’ human rights record, let alone in Bahrain. So, really it’s not on the agenda,” he noted.

Bambery, a leading member of the Scotland-based International Socialist Group, further asserted that US President Barack Obama apparently did not mention a word about Bahrain during his visit to Saudi Arabia in late March.

“Obama will not be making any speeches about the human rights situation in Bahrain…. The contrast is that Obama is saying we’re committed to staying in Bahrain, and yet the regime, an autocracy, undemocratic [regime] with a disgusting human rights record is still killing its own people,” he noted.

Bambery added, “It is a story that could be shouted from the rooftops, but it’s not. And the reason for that is essentially not so much the importance of Bahrain and the Al Khalifas to the West, although not unimportant, but in particular the importance of Saudi Arabia, who of course has been crucial to suppressing the Bahrain revolution and maintaining the repression inside that [country].”

The uprising in Bahrain started in mid-February 2011. On March 13 that year, forces from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were dispatched to the country at Manama’s request to help quell the nationwide protests.

Last month, Amnesty International denounced the “relentless repression” of anti-regime protesters in the tiny Persian Gulf country, blaming Bahraini security forces for their repeated use of “excessive force to quash anti-government protests.”


VIDEO — Spectacular fireball from space explodes over Russian city


Published time: April 19, 2014 13:46
Edited time: April 20, 2014 06:59

A suspected meteorite explosion has been recorded by citizens of the northern Russian city of Murmansk.

Multiple drivers with dashcams out on the streets of the 300,000-people city at 2.10am on Saturday noticed a bright blue trail speed across the night sky, then explode while still in the air.

Most observers identified the object as a meteorite, though officials have neither confirmed it nor said where the fragments are likely to have landed. Others speculated that the object may have been space debris, re-entering the atmosphere.

Emergency services say there were no injuries as a result of the astral event.

While tens of tons of cosmic dust reaches the Earth’s atmosphere each day, the number of meteorites that reach the surface may be about 500 a year, though most are small, and scientists do not have a precise calculation.

The most spectacular meteorite of recent years was over the Urals city of Chelyabinsk last year, when an astral body exploded in the sky with the strength of 40 Hiroshima bombs, temporarily blinding and deafening hundreds of people below.


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